This is a list of sliders I have in my game. If you want my sims to look the same in your game you will need these. 

To have this many sliders enabled you will need XCAS (either download basic or full) & the file you want is TuningSlidersNumber100. 
Alternatively you can get Mastercontroller & set 'Override custom core sliders' to 'True' (click on the ground anywhere in live mode>Nrass>Mastercontroller>Settings>CAS)

Bella3lek4: Facial
Jonha: Body + Head shape + Torso height
YS3 Studio: Upper lip Lower lip complete + Bridge of nose
Nik sim: Nose depth
 GnatGoSplat: Chin width
Jasumi: Lip fatness + Inverted nostrils
Sage: Upper lip shape + Ear height + Hand size
Delphy: Sim height
TumTum: Chin cleft
pcfreak147: Arm (muscles) + Belly
Voices Shoots: Nose bridge bump
Sucromeil: Nose frown

Awt: Jawline + Nose septum + Eyeball + Upper lip + Forehead depth
(original DL currently unavailable but  if you don't have them you can get them here)

Eyelash sliders + Eyelash removal mod
Eyelash meshEyelash design set #1 (as eyeliner) + Eyelash design set #2 (as eyeliner)

For sims with plugs
Earlobe slider + Updated plugs & spirals

Optional for men
CmarNYC: Penis sliders

Optional for women
Delphy: Breast sliders
CmarNYC: Nipple sliders

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