Friday, 12 September 2014

Clear Lens Wayfarer Glasses for TS4

My first CC for TS4 woo.
I do still intend to play & make CC for TS3 if you were wondering :)
Simblr post

These are a clear version of the Wayfarer glasses that came with the base game.
They are for both Females & Males.
Ranging from Teen to Elder & come in 12 colours.
Enabled for Athletic, Everday, Formal & Party.

~ Please do not re-upload ~
Download .zip with all individual .packages from:

If there are any problems with the DL please
contact me at my simblr.

Thank you Missa & Giga for testing :)

  If you want to recolour the frames on this clear lens version that is totally fine 
but I would really appreciate a credit if you do coz I had to 
stuff around with the opacity/gradient of the lens a lot to get it just right.

CC used in preview images: