Monday, 10 November 2014

Szabolon's Flamingo Walls for TS3

Can't believe it's November already ack!

I'm in love with these TS2 flamingo walls from Szabolon so 
I've converted some of them for TS3.

12 variations categorised under 'Wallpaper' for $5.
All credit to Szabolon for the textures.
All files have been compressed [largest file 132KB] 
and are base game compatible.
Simblr post

~ Please do not re-upload ~

Download .zip containing all individual .packages & thumbnails from
Box or Mediafire

Unedited previews:

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Simblreen TS3 Gifts 2014

Here are my gifts from the Simblreen event :)
~ Please do not re-upload ~
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Black & White Jars [TS3]
5 variations [swatch]. Lid & jar re-colourable. 
Categorised under Misc. Decor for $15. 
File has been compressed & is base game compatible [78KB]
Textures: [Bee] [Crow] [Snake] [Human skull] [Animal skull]

Download .package from

Tilly Tiger TS2>TS3 Converted Walls
Conversion of some of Tilly Tiger's 'Never Mind' walls for TS3.
11 walls [swatch 1] [swatch 2]. All credit for textures go to Tilly Tiger.
I edited & added in 02B, 03B & 04B and made 02A, 02B, 05 & 06 re-colourable.
Categorised under Misc. for $2. Files have been compressed.

Download individual .packages & thumbnails from

Vintage Horror Comic Paintings [TS3]
Mesh converted by Blue Hopper. 12 variations. Frame is re-colourable.
Costs $50 in game. File has been compressed & is base game compatible [712KB].

Download .package from

Friday, 12 September 2014

Clear Lens Wayfarer Glasses for TS4

My first CC for TS4 woo.
I do still intend to play & make CC for TS3 if you were wondering :)
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These are a clear version of the Wayfarer glasses that came with the base game.
They are for both Females & Males.
Ranging from Teen to Elder & come in 12 colours.
Enabled for Athletic, Everday, Formal & Party.

~ Please do not re-upload ~
Download .zip with all individual .packages from:

If there are any problems with the DL please
contact me at my simblr.

Thank you Missa & Giga for testing :)

  If you want to recolour the frames on this clear lens version that is totally fine 
but I would really appreciate a credit if you do coz I had to 
stuff around with the opacity/gradient of the lens a lot to get it just right.

CC used in preview images:

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Pillow Fever!

Mesh by Mango-Sims [found in Arséne Set]
Categorised under Misc. Decor for $5.
Not recolourable.
They default to ground level so if you want them on 
a couch or any other raised surface you'll need an OMSP
Or if you want them raised on an angle Tipsy OMSP.

I don't take credit for any of the images.
Image source links can be found at the end of the post.
Simblr post

~ Please do not re-upload. If you want to link please link through to this blog ~
Files have been compressed using compressorizer.
File names do not include spaces or any symbols but underscores.

As always if there are any problems with the DL please
contact me at my simblr or leave a comment.

Set 1 Supernaturally Inclined
Download .package [719 KB] from:

Set 2 Retro
Download .package [539 KB] from:

Set 3 Misc.
Download .package [624 KB] from:

Image links:
Set 1 Supernaturally Inclined [1] [2] [3*] [4] [5] [6*] [7*] [8] [9*] [10] [11] [12]
Set 2 Retro [1*] [2*] [3*] [4*] [5*] [6*] [7] [8*] [9*] [10] [11] [12]
Set 3 Misc. [1*] [2] [3] [4*] [5*] [6] [7*] [8] [9] [10*] 
Pixel numbers used in variation pictures [x]

I did my best to source the images via Google search images but unfortunately in some cases I could only find shares rather than the original content source (these are marked with *). If you know the original content source for any of the images with a * let me know & I will update the link :)

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Lovers wall writing

Happy Valentines ♥
It's a tad early but I won't have my computer next week sooo :P

Mesh by Aikea Guinea and images by Lily & Val.
Has 6 variations & is categorised under paintings for $1.
Can all be moved up and down the wall & are re-colourable.
File has been compressed to 420KB.
Any problems with the file let me know.

Please do not re-upload. If linking, please link back to this post.
Download .package from:

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Aussie flag singlets for Australia Day

Made some quick Aussie flag singlets coz Australia Day XD 
Hope you have a great day off my fellow Aussie simmers & stay as cool as you can :P

Female mesh by Sentate. Male mesh by EA. Both enabled for YA & A in everyday & sleepwear. Files have been compressed & are base game compatible. Male 332KB & Female 552KB.  Any problems with the files just let me know.

Please do not re-upload. If linking, please link back to this post.

Download Female singlet .package from:

Download Male singlet .package from: