Sunday, 24 February 2013

Tasty Shades Wall Set (UPDATED 3/3/13 NO SHINE)

UPDATED 3/3/13 - Some of the walls had a shine on them depending on the angle which was really annoying so I have fixed it so there is no shine anymore (thanks Aikea ;). If you want shine free walls re-download :)

I made some more walls. Sorry not recolourable again. I just really liked these colours and the texture so I thought I would share :) (Original texture was the burnt chocolate which I can't find the link for)
They come under miscellaneous walls at $10.

Please do not re-upload. If linking, link back to this post. Thanks!

Download all walls as .package:

Download walls seperately:

Burnt Rainbow Marble Cake

Burnt Grape

Raspberry Pink

Pink Sugar

Pink Cinnamon

Light Chocolate

Burnt Chocolate

Apple Green

Rainbow Paddle Pop

Burnt Turquoise Frosting

Burnt Blue Mushroom

Burnt Blueberry

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